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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Hey, everyone! Announcement!

I will be in Toronto for The Toronto Comic Arts Festival , May 9-10, with Graham Annable.

We will have all kinds of new things. Prints, shirts, Hickees, The Bridge Project (includes a story by graham and i), Great Great Grandshow Books, buttons, so much stuff.

More things, i shall announce soon.
Such as DOUBLE FINE sorts of things.. But start your Toronto plans now!

Here is a map of where we'll be at. print it out if you need help finding us...


SoulPepper said...

Hey Scott, love your blog site. The art you make is incredible! Those mini arcade paper crafts are amazing. We have them littered all over the two stores we have. If you're interested pass by our store sometime. It's in Hamilton, ON, which is about 1 hours time from Toronto. We'd love to have you in and take you out for drinks or something. Just let me know. - Marc Nascimento (owner of 1UP GAMES)

Unknown said...

hi, scott! any chance that this new print (or prints) will be available to buy online?

unfortunatelyme said...

Hello Scott,
I'm a new fan of yours, I discovered your work through another site and have been following your blog ever since. I was wondering what kind of paper(s) do you work with? They look really amazing, my favourite so far is the Mummy Pianist. There's just something about it. Well, thanks for reading!

scottc said...

awesome! thanks everyone. perhaps i will see you at TCAF, marc? i would like to come by the shop sometime. illyana, prints! if enough people ask about prints then perhaps we should do it! unfortunatelyme, i use a toned rough watercolor paper! bockingford i think, is the name. sweet, everyone. sweeeet!

Adamdraws said...

I just pee'd a little. I will see you there sir. Are you going to be doing sketches? If you are, I will happily trade you currency for one. Seriously excited too see you though. Is there any chance of you doing portfolio reviews?

SickOnSin said...

I was already pretty excited about TCAF but just saw that you are going to be there and I let out a huge yeepee (and perhaps a little pee like Adamdraws)! Now I am SO excited - I adore your stuff! <

Oberon said...

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