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Friday, August 08, 2008

I AM 8BIT!! flyers... collect them!

Hey, everyone. So this is what's happening: I AM 8BIT opens on AUG 14 at World of Wonder in LA. There are 4 different flyers for this show. All of these flyers have a different video game on them that you can cut-out and construct yourself and make your own little arcade. So you should probably do this! They are around LA town!

The TRAWN flyer, however, is only at three locations. Gallery Nucleus,
Golden Apple, and Munky King. so you will need to go to those places to get that one. plus there will be a crazy 8bit display at those places.. i will post about it later on...

p.s. here is the other side of the flyer... by Jim Mahfood..

but anyway, I AM 8BIT will be a fantastic show. The originals for these flyers will be there as well as the King of Kong piece (which contains the games of the flyers) and a number of little Video Game Showdown pieces... that i will post about later.. Also, i will be at this show! finally.

ok, that's it! I will leave you with a photo that a one BAMBEE has made of her arcade game queue. i like this line. many intriguing characters.


RAWLS said...

Very inspiring stuff my friend!!! Hilarious and awesome! Hope the show goes well man! My good friend Steve Lambe is in it as well. Wish I could be there!

Chris Battle said...

I'm gonna burn precious fossil fuels into the environment to collect them all!

Anonymous said...

Great work as always! See you there, Scott!

YaYaLuvsCupcakes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
YaYaLuvsCupcakes said...

These are so awesome! Too bad I am about 3000 miles away from the LA area :(

Jennifer B. said...

WOWEE! This stuff is superfantastic. I'm so glad your blog was on the Drawn!
How big did you draw these (cut-outs) originally? And how about that crazy Cult poster?

Ben Yaxley said...

These flyers are awesome. In private study we printed them out in black and white and used up a whole two periods making them. Wicked

Lori said...

Hi greeat reading your post

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