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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Mark your calendars everyone. The Greatest show to ever happen ever is going to happen August 16th at Gallery Nucleus in LA.

It will be called GREAT GREAT GRANDSHOW. It shall be an olde timey show with olde timey paintings by: Graham Annable, Jon Klassen, Israel Sanchez, and ME. Four ultimate bros. And we will all be down there kicking it. even Graham and he has a new baby to contend with.

holy... mark your calendars for sure. your calendars will be psyched.


RAWLS said...

If I could be there I would for sure my friend! Hope all goes well and that you guys have a smashing good show!

Fulanita said...

Jorge and I shall be there with our pants on good sir.

Anonymous said...

it can´t go wrong!

Peter Breese said...

darn that california wonderland! please post pics.

Josh Parpan said...

what a cool ideal for a show!

enb said...

i really like that flier slice.

Lisa Tao said...

heyy scott :D
nice meeting u at the con! looking at ur blog makes regret not buying the flight book ):
ohhh well next year!!

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