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Friday, August 22, 2008

Crazy 4 Cult tonight!

ok. tonight is the Crazy 4 Cult show at Gallery 1988 in LA. Here are the paintings of mine that will be there kickin it there, enjoying this great show.

the Sequel to the Great Showdowns Series from last year.

...and the Cult Tree that was used for the poster. which is for sale at or it will be starting august 23rd..

ok, so go tonight! i predict it will be a madhouse. Kevin Smith will be hosting. though i am unsure what that means really. maybe he'll be wearing a suit. that's how i like to host things.

ok, see you. -scottc


Lissa said...

Between this year and last year, that looks like 3 Great Showdowns featuring Harrison Ford.
That guy...
... pickin' fights everywhere.

RAWLS said...

hahah...Teen Wolf. These are really spectacular my friend!!! Great job!

Andreas Schuster said...

i´m embarrassed, but i don't get the second one on the left (from the top).

Unknown said...

i like the cult movie poster much more without the words. love that edward scissorhands is featured :)

- blade runner
- game of death
- ?
- princess bride
- deliverance
- taxi driver
- mad max?
- teen wolf
- ?
- dune?

Peter Breese said...

Freakin' fantastic Scott. I am very impressed that you even gave a little love to Krull & Raising Arizona (hell of a movie). Cheers buddy.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Scott the original for the Crazy Cult poster sold for $4,000 that is amazing.

Anonymous said...

im declaring myself your new #1 fan!

this piece is incredible.. i hope you dont mind that i posted this on my blog..

Peter Debruge said...

Yeah, my wallet's still hurting, but the piece is worth every penny!

Was eyeing some of your stuff in the Gallery Nucleus group show, too, but I couldn't resist the Cult Tree. It totally plays into my fixation with movies (I'm a film critic, and even then, it took me a good half hour to figure out who all the characters were).

Love how you're able to capture a movie in a single costume, scene or gesture (Rosemary's Baby and Apocalypse Now are easily the funniest). And some of those pairings are just brilliant (Edward Scissorhands and Freddy Kreuger! E.T. and Pee-Wee!).

Nearly bought the Princess Bride showdown, too, but I'd already overspent my allowance as it was. Congrats on another amazing painting, Scott!

P.S. Special showdown request: Francis McDormand and Peter Stormare at the woodchipper.

Anonymous said...

Peter that is awesome that you own that piece congrats it would be the prize of any collection.

Mattias Adolfsson said...

wonderful tree

Anonymous said...

I only found out about this show today, so I missed the opening, but I'll definitely have to get out to Melrose to check out the show. I love that you got Deckard vs. Pris and Lee vs. Jabbar in there.

Kristin said...

the third one is Raising Arizona, right? But for the life of me I can't figure out the second to last one. Anyone else know?

Peter Debruge said...

Second to last is Krull ( For the moment, Krull and Road Warrior are still available through Gallery 1988.

Kinoko said...

soooo cute!
I mean rad and strong!
>( ^ x ^ )<

jAsian said...

i love this poster. i bought it on saturday and can't wait to frame it. I'm also getting the King of Kongs one soon. awesome work sir!

Unknown said...

will there be prints made of the movie showdowns?

bannister said...

Hahaha, that's amazing.
I love them.

Jakob Werth said...


Wonderful blog…

I`ll be back!

damon said...

i love you stuff

i saw it at the 8 bit show and the cult show and it was some of my favorite stuff

i really love the Bruce Lee game of death one

Laura Marsh said...

spinal tap! awesome. many of my favorite movies are featured in your cult tree. great work.

Zumbi said...

That's simply awesome.

I love Cute Unter's series..

Anonymous said...

Blade Runner
Game of Death
Raising Arizona
Princess Bride
Taxi Driver
Road Warrior
Teen Wolf

Adam said...

ih my god that rules.


Jublin said...

so many fantastic obscure movie characters in that tree. It's so much fun to go through and figure out each movie. I absolutely love it. really great job!

Elisa said...

Hi Scott!

One of my friends sent me a pic of your Cult Tree and we had a great time IM'ing back and forth, finding the various cult films/characters.

I was really excited when I realized it was part of the exhibition here in LA and it was the motivating factor for me to attend the show. It's absolutely stunning in person! I love it! I also really loved your little "dueling" drawings there as well.

My only teeny-tiny qualm - Where's Herbert West from Re-Animator?

Keep up the good work. :)

Carly Monardo said...

Oh man, those showdowns are adorable! I think the Blade Runner one is my favorite!

elaineisthebest said...

Please tell me someone has posted an entire list of all the films referenced? This poster is too awesome. :)

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