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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

New GREAT SHOWDOWNS prints! (Friday)

You guys!! this friday is the annual Crazy4Cult show at Gallery 1988 in LA. 10 new original showdown paintings will be in the show.

BUT ALSO, a new limited edition print set will become available! of these five showdowns!

they will go on sale midday friday, so you can totallyl call gallery 1988 and pick up a set if you want. no big deal. sweet!


OneDollarBill said...

I picked up the showdown 3 set from last years show. i will be ordering these as well. I love these showdown sets.

My only wish is i could buy all the LOST ones.

muschology said...

^^ True, that would be great. They'd sell in seconds though I'd bet.

El Monito said...

muito bom seu trabalho!
muito bonitas as aquarelas
show de bola

Adam Lowes said...

These are really, really fantastic!

Ben Hatke said...

Huzzah! I love the Office Space dudes and the fax machine.

Henry said...

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