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Friday, July 09, 2010

CRAZY4CULT is tonight!! (in LA)

you guys. Crazy4Cult is happening tonight at Gallery 1988. and it will again be hosted by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier and will most likely be over the top with people. you should totally go and brave that awesome people sea!

there will be 10 of my recent GREAT SHOWDOWNS at the show available for purchase and looking at. you've seen them on the showdowns site if you check it out normally. they are these:

so if you are interested in these, email 1988 and ask for the preview list!!

also email them about the new print set!! goes on sale today!

p.s. i wont be able to make the show since i am in New York. just fyi. but say hi to Jensen and scott and kevin for me! and anybody else you feel would like a "hi".


Anonymous said...

yooda best!

Mary Esther said...

I actually gasped when I saw the They Live one. my week is complete now.

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