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Monday, May 03, 2010

The show: sweet success

hey, everybody! thanks for coming to the amicvs monstrvm show! it was super fun to see everyone. you all look nice these days. my mom had a real good time.

the artwork is up online if you want to check it out! the artwork!

i will post photos later because i know my brother took a bunch. but here is one from earlier in the evening....

and here are a few of the other pieces... i posted them all on my flickr as well..

"Ape Amongst Apes"

"Wolfmans On School Grounds"

"Ultramans All Day and All Night"

"The Hammerheads Growing Club"

"Picnic With The Draculas"

"Kraken's Floating Bar'

"BBQ at Kong's"

"Anyone's Game"

"Enjoying The SR-71"

"The Entertainers"


NePaul Wilson said...

EEEE! I love the alien band!

Eliza Martin said...

The smile on that ape in the first picture is adorable.

Unknown said...

I love the hammerheads growing club! That is some seriously nuanced nerdery.

Protector one said...

Wow, these are SO great. Some, even greater. Like, super great.

Mike Laughead said...

I can't decide if I like the ape one, the wolf one, or the dracula one best. Really great images.

Joseph Mingoo Lee said...

oh dude so amazing!!!

Unknown said...

Do love this stuff -my favorite also was the hammerhead growing club - my type of weirdo humor

Breadwig said...

Now that's a bbq. Luvvit.

oe said...

Verdaderamente increíble. Una riqueza extraordinaria!!! :P ;) Me encanta tu trabajo!

Defendership said...

Any chance of any of these becoming purchasable prints?

GARZA said...

really nice paintings man! Love the wolmans on playground!

Unknown said...

I especially like that Wolfman Jack is part of the wolfmen.

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