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Sunday, May 23, 2010

progress party

hey, everybody. want to see what i am working on? i will show you. i am working on two things (besides top secret Double Fine things):

1. Zombie children's book
2. more Great Showdowns

the zombie book is with Simon and Schuster and it is due quite soon. so i will post progress here and there. the GREAT SHOWDOWNS is an ongoing project... so i will keep doing those... for awhile.. in waves and batches.
and that's pretty much it. but that is enough for now perhaps. i am about to embark into the painting stage on these children's pages.. here are some photo memories thus far..

... sketching and laying out pages for the zombie book in photoshop.. are some special scenes. poor guy. rough times for poor guy. a zombie looking for love...

..i've traced all of the drawings onto watercolor paper..

... and started laying in the basic colors. this is the big ball scene. (inspired by Back To The Future)

on the GREAT SHOWDOWNS front, i have done about 40 new ones! they are sitting there chilling out, waiting to be uploaded to the site. a gradual thing.

and that's it for you, you guys! i shall keep you updated, world!



Johan Leion said...

It's a great inspiration to see your process! Thanks for sharing! I've been a huge fan ever since I first laid my eyes on Psychonauts.

Alisa said...

Very cool! I love seeing behind the scenes photos.

Sam Spina said...

jeez you have 40(?!?!) new ones? are you part machine, scott c?

NePaul Wilson said...

Ah YES! The spoils of war!

Sweet Enemy said...

I've been in love with your colors since I first read treehead & igloohead in Flight. Thanks for showing the in-progress shots!
Stay busy, have fun!

stephen said...

When is the kids' book scheduled to come out? I'm majorly excited about that.

Micah Kaneshiro said...

Very cool man. Can't wait to see the finished book.

Lindsey Lydecker said...

OH OH!!! Could you do Edward Sissorhands vs Jim (the jock that was a jerk to him)???

That would be a great show down painting. ^_^

Cool update by the way. I very much like your blog!

willie real said...

weeeeeeeee! thats how your work makes me feel. soo happy =] i cant wait till your children's book comes out. keep up the good work man.

Darryl said...

You shoulda been at Heroes 2010, man!! It was great - you coulda set up next to Foodone.

Radu Prisacaru, UK Internet Marketer & Web Developer said...

I love this article. There aren’t many posts that explain the subject matter.

Unknown said...

so excited that you're coming out with a zombie children's book! i just love the vintage feel in the lines and color tones of your illustrations. it reminds me of miroslav sasek & chaas addams whose work i both also really love!

Herbert said...

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