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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

the SPX report.

It was awesome. Good times party all around. Thank you to everyone who came by! I met some new sweet people and old time sweet people.

Here are some photographic memories.

p.s. i am happy to have Lazy Knight back in the mix. Though he really misses LA he keeps telling me.

...setting up the table. Lazy Knight supervises (lazily).

...Lazy Knight and his new friend who i forget the name of. New Friend was shy.

...Meredith and John making things happen.

...Dustin filming Kate's Lazy Knight Show Extreme(c)

ok, that's it! see you all! (at APE actually)


NePaul Wilson said...

Lazy Knight for the win!

Also new friends are even more win!

Mick said...

brilliant ... ya big silly

Abby Boeh said...

It was THE MOST EXCITING meeting you at SPX! I wish I had gotten a chance to talk to you some more! I find you to be most entertaining.

In case you don't remember me, I gave you my zine pretty late on Saturday. It says "fuck yes!" across the cover, so that's how you know it's mine... And UM YEAH. IT WAS COOL MEETING YOU.

Evander said...

Is that John Allison and Meredith Gran on Soctt C's blog?

It is like worlds colliding for me!

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