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Monday, September 21, 2009

Brutal Legend Art walkthrough...

Hey, gang. So the Brutal Legend demo is out now. The game is set to be released October 13th. (This is the game we've been working on at Double Fine for like 5 years)

Here is a sweet "Art Of" walkthrough by Lee Petty, DF Art Director. Lee is the best. It shows a lot of the various parts of the game... if you want to see the style and so forth. It's also got a bunch of the concept art in there.

and if you want to see the opening cinematic, which might spoil your playing experience a little bit.. or it might psyche you up for it.. you can watch it here:


More info on all this stuff at the Double Fine site...
and at the Brutal Legend site...


NePaul Wilson said...

Thank you so much Scott for putting this up!

I'm dying over here waiting for Brutal Legend, I'm just beyond happy they used Bosch as inspiration for Tainted Coil, I get a lot from him myself!

scottc said...

Dude! Bosch was one of my earliest influences! Since when i was a little kid and felt naughty about it.

here's a blast from the past..

scottc said...

Damn. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to post a link in these comments.

NePaul Wilson said...

Haha, that's alright, I like to think it's one of life many hills.

I can't believe i missed that one! Haha I'm a big lover of your work, it makes my heart swell, that and I enjoy reading your comics!

My Bosch inspired paintings were a tad different than yours though teehee:

There's a bit of Giger in me in there as well, but I like to think there's a bit of Giger in all of us.

Adamdraws said...

Dude, the concept art in that video is amazing and let me tell you, it goes down smooth. I love the use of markers.

As an aspiring art guy, I just wanna say, you folks will be commiting a crime against humanity if you do not release a Brutal Legend art book.

Sean P. Diddy Sullivan said...

God, this game is going to be so sick. And agree with the Brutal Legends art book. PLEASE MAKE IT!

Gareth Martin said...

Who was it that did the wood cut style illustrations? Those things are fantastic and very insipiring, Ive been working my style in that direction

As for your version of Bosch, awesome as ever...

scottc said...

I did the woodcut illustrations! And many of those characters and random environments. I very much enjoy drawing and painting in that style. Refreshing.

Gareth Martin said...

Will your awesomeness ever cease? All you need to do now to increase your awesome is to post some on your blog so I can steal them to decorate my computer/house/mind. Are they done with markers or on a graphics tablet?

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