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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tonight! The Show!

Alright, everyone. I know the Tube is on strike, but brave the streets and come to the show tonight! It is an overwhelming amount of art. Seriously. over 80 paintings. i go nuts when i walk in there.

London Miles 7-10pm
212 KENSINGTON PARK ROAD, Notting Hill Gate, London
(44) 0 2077 274 447

here are some more tastes..

"Mummy Playset"

"Wanting a Piece of One Another" (Food One/ Scott C Collaboration)

"Igloo Head and Tree Head (Day Off)" ...these dudes make a few appearances.

The work is viewable at the gallery blog. i'll post the rest tomorrow..


Friday June 12 6-10pm -- Food One/ Scott C Live painting -- Cargo 83 Rivington st. London

Saturday June 13 6-?pm -- Food One/ Scott C Live painting -- 91 Brick Ln. London


damon said...

very cool

Rachel Lipsitz said...

yo scott, it's Rachel Lipsitz (donno if you remember me from SF?) anyway i live in Londona and Rudha showed me this, gonna try to make it to Cargo tomorrow! seeyaaaa--R

Yabai said...

fantastic and funny!


Joe said...

I just pass trough here and I keep shoking, amazed, happy, full of joy to see so great artwork, is really amazing, stylish, it make me feel so untalent! =D

I will be here often, bbay!


Clutter Geoff said...

Hey Scott. Went to the show last night and bought that "Mummy" piece for my girlfriend who instantly fell in love with it. Great show!

Anonymous said...


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