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Monday, June 22, 2009

Return to NYC. The recap.

First of all, the entire array of artwork from the SUPREME BROSHIP show is now online and ready for purchase and adoption! Go check it all out! there is a lot to see.

All the artwork is at the gallery blog for perusal:

***if you want to buy any of these sweet gems contact:
Tina Ziegler

The artwork in it's entirety is also on my flickr:

Here are just a few selected works...

First, some collaborations i sent to Jim Mahood in the mail, that he added to:

"A Splendid Catch"


"Ray Gun" (Hands down my favorite piece from the show. look at this shizz!)

"Icee Fun"

"I Love Lemon"

Some collaborations Jim sent to me, that i added to:

"Feeling Tickled"

"Walkie Talkie Schemin"

"Three on a Heist (with bug)"

"Arrival of Sweet Boombox"

"Lazy Butt Meets Couch"

An here are a few of my solo ones...

"The Wonders"

"Some Americans"

"The Dragon Helmet"

"Not A Strong Swimmer"

"Waterin' the Shrubs"

"Pre Battle tea"

The show will be up until July 4th, so you can still go see it!

Pictures! Derek will have some sweet pictures soon, i will wager. But check out Tara McPherson's blog for a few pleasant memories we had the night of the show: (she's travelling through europe on her book tour. her work rules as you probably already know.)

Here's a picture of Lou, Tara, and Derek. for your scrapbook...

Also, our new friend Lina took some cool little photos of the live art sessions with 3MegaBit.. Sweet Photos. check them!

Here is one of Lina's photos of me casting some sort of spell... (for your scrapbook)

Alright! Thanks to everyone we hung out with in the UK. Best time ever.


Nichole said...

Will you ever be selling prints of these? I think my favorite is the ray gun one too!

WJC said...

Great to say 'hello' and to see your stuff!

bearskin rug said...

I like lazy butt meets couch!

James Chiang said...

so great Scott! always been a big fan of yours since the Lucas Learning days. all the best,

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Lexa Konyves Kuckoja Blog said...

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