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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Show photos! plus.... PUPPETS.

That's right everyone, the special guests at the HOME SLICE show were a Knight, a Caveman, and a Mummy... in amazing puppet form! Built by the super skilled Russ Walko! Look at how great they look!

and Nucleus has posted a whole bunch of photos of the show, so go check them out!

the photos!

here are just a few...

you should also know that Nucleus now has a print of that ROCKET HOUSE piece in their shop. you probably need it for you wall.

OH, HEY! extra credit news: here is that episode of Coin-Op TV that i appeared on last week. it was live last thursday, but it is not live today.


Vhrsti said...

Cool puppets, very inspiring!

bran said...


ninjahq said...

Congrats! I love these - great as always!

I did a post in support on my site, the NerdPatrol!

James Dylan said...

saw your show, really great stuff.. best show at nucleus that I've seen in a long time.

A said...


The Holy Yost said...

Hi Scott, I'm trying to get in touch with you regarding an illustration commission, but I think my email is going to your spam box. Could you please email me at so that I can give you the lowdown? Thanks!

Sarah Joan Mokhtar said...

Hi Scott. I totally want to submerge in one of your shows one day.

I am going to write that on my to-do list of things to do. Because I have all this jealous energy I need to direct somewhere.

I wish I was there laughing at the witty art and nibbling tiny pastry snacks.

Now I'm jealous and hungry.

Anonymous said...

Jesus dude!

you rock!
you always rock!


Greg Ballora said...

Meet the Residents-I think I had that album from about 1983.Connection? Puppets look great!

Fulanita said...

Congratulations Scott! Jorge and I were talking to Jon a week ago and he said the show was really rad! Those puppets are awesome!

james_william_walsh said...

haha sweet!

Anonymous said...

I envy you... Your stuff is so great! Your artwork has inspired me deeply for the last few years.

Out of curiousity, is the title 'Meet the Residents' from the tophat-eyeball-wearin' band, or is that just a coincidence?

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