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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

2 Art Shows coming up...

The first is the 5th anniversary of Gallery 1988 called Idiot Box in LA. April 2nd. Good job, Gallery 1988. You are dope.

The second is
New Moon : Interpretations of the Chinese Zodiac at My Plastic Heart in NYC. April 10th. First time i shall show in New York!

I will have a painting in each of these shows. i will post them soon. just mark your calendars!


neilornstein said...

my first visit. Delightful work

Mona said...

yeah a scott c. appearance in new york i can look forward to! i can't get enough of the home slice exhibit. i was googling your name to see if you custom-made iphone covers (random and way beneath you at this point, i'm sure, i hope you aren't insulted;) was psyched to see you have a blog! anyway, congrats on all the exciting stuff going on and happy spring! -mona p.s. i'm the girl from abc who called you a couple years back re: facial tattoos.

Arlen said...

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