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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Hi. You guys interested in people? Me, too. Here are some people that i saw recently.


BambinoMonkey said...


Anonymous said...

in the first group of sketches, i'm sure the middle picture on the top is a frog in a trenchcoat
where'd you see that guy?

Will said...

very cool, I really dig your work. I plan to own a piece some day!

brigette b said...

Seeing your sketchy-doodles make me feel less guilty about posting my sketchy-doodles on the blog all the time. It doesn't hurt that they're lovely, either!

Nanda said...

Hey scott I like it! I'm a big fan of people, and even more of sketching people. It's rad seeing how other people see...people.

Also your other works make me happy, I swear I did an A3 ninja battle scene when i was like 10 if only I could find it I would be a happy man.


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