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Friday, August 15, 2008


Tonight! Saturday AUGUST 16th! at Gallery Nucleus in LA!

the GREAT GREAT GRANDSHOW with: Israel Sanchez, Graham Annable (grickle), Jon Klassen (eye for annai), and Scott Campbell, who is me.

the Age of Great Invention. is the world that my paintings pertain to. people loved inventions in olde timey times. here they are!

ok, so go to the show tonight! i will be wearing a suit. but you dont have to if you dont want to. but if you get all olde timey, i think you reap some sort of little rewad r something. unsure. nucleus has more info... they have prints from all of us as well! and shirts..

gallery nucleus
210 East Main St, Alhambra CA 91801

ok, see you tonight! ...scottc


RAWLS said...

Wish I could be there man... I have a show of my own to go to tonight. Have a great time my friend.... they look AWESOME!!

Lisa Tao said...

ahhhhhh so cute!!! i wish i can go toooo!!

Mathieu Beaulieu said...

Each ones are excellent ideas!
and they looks great
Me too, I wish I could be there

Nedaj said...


Unknown said...

another amazing collection. all the work in the show looks great. i hope nucleus will make a few into prints, they are too good not to.
rock on, dude.

Matthew Lau said...

oh nice illustrations~!

Anonymous said...

Those are laugh out loud funny! And gasp out loud awesome!

enb said...

they look like stills from old time movies. mission accomplished.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic (& extremely imaginative) work as always. You've really got something there with "Olde Timey Times!"

Fulanita said...

SCCCCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTT!!! I missed your awesome show!!! Wah!!! Jorge and I came down to Mexico for a week after the I am 8bit dealio and missed it :( No problem though because we shall make our way to see it as soon as were back. In the meantime, hope your trip back home was sweet!
-Sandra E.

Peter Breese said...

You've been busy broheme. The hammock tank rocks! Must have been a hell of a show.

Cedric Anderson said...

these are so great. You rule, buddy.

Geoff Campbell said...

Man, these are great. Fun and hilarious. Nice work.

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