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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

new bros.

hey, so this past weekend was super fun. i met some pretty amazing people. dustin harbin and shelton drum and all the heroes con people blew me away with how dope they were. Charoltteneans rule for sure.

other new bro examples who you need to investigate are these: Kazimir Strzepek (mourning star), Liz Prince (little books that are funny), Laura Park (i wear a shirt she designed without knowing it), Brian Ralph (little cave man dudes among other things), Nicolas Gurewitch (perry bible fellowship amazing), and Matt Chapman and his actual bro (homestar runner oh man). And Derek Ballard was my awesome skilled neighbor.

i didnt take any photos as usual, but here is one from Adhouse's photos. It is of dustin getting his auction on in front of the Thing (a popular character made of rock).


Chris Houghton said...

Hi Scott! Nice talking with you the other day, wish we could've met in person! Great work, I love your stuff! And thanks for signing the poster! Take care and I'm glad you got to meet my teacher and buddy, Joe.


Cheryl said...

Hey Scott-
Was nice meeting you (again) in Charlotte. (Go Pyramid Car!) and look forward to seeing you again in San Diego.

thefamilychicken said...

It was nice talking with you at Heros. I said nothing profound or memorable to recall our encounter. I just wanted to let you know you made a new fan. Best wishes.

Bagel said...

so awesome.

matt w said...


Hey--it was great meeting you on Sunday! Thanks for the company to and from the long, long flight. Or the long, long wait-to-fly, I guess.

Anonymous said...


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