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Monday, June 16, 2008

Charlotte, NC..... this weekend

Hey, everyone. this weekend i will be a guest at Heroes Con in Charlotte. June 21-22. It's a big comic show with an indie section called "indie island". that's where i'll be. i'll have hickee comics, prints, king of kong posters, shirts, and so on..

also, i did a poster for the show, that they will have limited edition prints of.. so those will be good times to enjoy. that piece is pictured above. an island with a convention on it. surrounded by sea monsters and water. and a scale for measuring. and a scroll. and a compass. seafaring things.

awesome, well, i hope to see you east coasters there!


p.s. the original for this indie island painting will be on display... until it is auctioned. so you can visit it if you want.


Anonymous said...

hi! i just called the heroescon people to find out if i could buy the poster over the phone (or online... without having to be there is the main point), and the girl on the phone had no idea! is there a way for me to purchase the poster through you, or should i keep bugging them about it?

wish i could be there! i am a huge fan.

Tatevik Avakyan said...

Beautiful poster! Great work.

enb said...

thats your best map yet.

Dustin Harbin said...

Hey ILLYANADMC--first of all, great handle. More importantly: those posters will be available at the convention as a signed and numbered print, limited to a run of 100. AFTER the show, if there are any left, we'll be selling them through our site (, as well as probably some unsigned ones if you don't want some dude's writing all over your snazzy map.

AND I believe that Scott will have some available through one of his many print portals, as well. Which I understand if you like him better.

Best of all worlds? You come meet him at HeroesCon--there's like 300 other dudes almost as cool as he is, too. Just imagine!

Anonymous said...


thanks for the information! i wish i could be at the con - it certainly sounds awesome. hopefully there will be a signed/numbered print waiting for me after the con is over :)

Chris Schweizer said...

I saw some of your stuff in Portland - Reading Frenzy, maybe - and loved it.

I really can't wait to pick up some of your stuff at Heroes.

chrishaley said...

I couldn't get away from my table long enough to find you at MoCCA, but maybe I'll get to come buy some stuff from you this weekend!

Anonymous said...

I like your work a lot. It has a great character and style. I was hoping we might be able to work together in the future. I own an online boutique called The Shiny Squirrel.

e-mail me

Peter Breese said...

great poster, another sweet addition to the scot c empire

aintshakespeare said...

That map is totally cool. I have always loved maps like this. I particularly like that the Big Cute dude is up at the top while your feelings are pushed way down at the bottom. Maybe I'm reading too much into that, but...

Excellent work.

Anonymous said...

Dustin Harbin is my arch-nemesis!!! Scott's original of the map should have been MINE!!!

Great meeting you Sunday, Scott! My daughter will have the Indie Island poster hanging on her wall - no doubt!

Thanks for the sketch!


P.S. Everyone should check out Chris Schweizer's work, too (sixth commentor down)

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