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Monday, May 19, 2008

the E.T. collection.

These are for a small group show at Gallery 1988 in LA called "One To Grow On". Check them out!










One To Grow On! go to this show!
tuesday night May 20th @ Gallery 1988 in LA. (runs through June 1st)
7020 melrose ave.


Majus said...

This is so awesome! Man, I wish I could see the show… say hello if you visit germany!

Bagel said...

finest series to date.

Dik Pose said...

Dude! These make me HAPPY. Can not wait to see them live tomorrow night.

Jessica said...

Soon, sir. Soon I will be in CA and be able to partake of the feast that is your paintings. I jest not!

Gabe Swarr said...


These are top notch and I despise E.T.!!!

Sarah said...

I love ALL of those but that Mummy with the cup of coffee is KILLING me. Great work.

Unknown said...

aces. love these pieces.


Anonymous said...

Where can I buy some prints? I don't live in LA or SF to go to the gallery :(

Teresa said...

oh these are so great, so funny and so sweet all together -- I love your artwork!

Anonymous said...

YES! Hungrying is from Monster Squad! I knew someone else enjoyed that movie! Kick wolfman in the nards! Great stuff, scott.

aintshakespeare said...

These are awesome, man. I love the slip and slide and the Destro/GI Joe one.

The word Hungrying is also quite cool.

Davor... said...

Another great set... I first fell in love with your Spiderman set. I'd love to get my hands on those!

Keep up the great work.

Chris Battle said...

You brilliant bastard.

Sweet Potato said...

Please tell me that you will make limited edition prints of Soundwave!

Peter Breese said...

so good to see that He-Man and Skeletor are finally getting along!

Anonymous said...

Woahh this is pure hilarity!! :)

aleks sennwald said...

Sliding is the Best Drawing Ever.

bannister said...

Hey Scott, these cards are amazing. Carry on like this ! :-)

sam said...

These are great. "Hungrying" is probably my favourite of the bunch. Really nice work!

Albert Sorrentino Jr. said...

these are priceless!
hope they;re for sale and you get bloody rich..;)

Hobo Divine said...


How do I pick a favourite

I love the Dukes Of Hazard! soooo funny ET making the General Lee Float but still manages to smash the bridge out sign!

And Spider Man trying to catch the Ice Cream truck.
If you ever come across a spare ticket to this world!

Sign me up!

Anonymous said...

These are great!!!
They would be amazing on t-shirts!

Hobo Divine said...

I came back again!
Do you realize how good these are!

Man I love the expression on ET running for the Ice Cream Truck... it almost appears as if he doesn't even know why he's running but is enjoying and carried away by the action of it all... as if Spiderman were his big brother and just doing what big bro is doing.

So awesome!!

Two-Pence said...

Awesome work, will be keeping an eye on this blog from now on..

The fact that you have skeletor in there gets extra points !!

Chad Kerychuk said...

Nice work indeed. Perfectly captures the fun of growing up with such fantastical movies, toys and TV shows!


Anonymous said...

That E.T. and Hulk playing tennis is my current computer wallpaper as well as one of the most amazing pieces of art I have ever seen. Thank you

onírica said...

i am phone ing you to say i love your work!

Vincent said...

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