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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

the Prehistoric Series.

So these are the paintings that i'll have in the portland show. Along with Battle Supreme.
Prehistory. Way Way back in history.
p.s. Battle Supreme fits because those guys could very well be fighting near some cavemen.


Chris Battle said...

"Tea Chaps" is the greatest!!

verabee said...

Caveman ridge is super-cute, Scott. Though those guys are sitting ducks.

The gala opening tomorrow is going to be pretty great.

Bagel said...

dont lie, i remember when you painted those things in 1870. ha ha just kidding.

Anonymous said...

The Rock Mouthing is totally awesome!!!

Btw, i have a problem!:
I´m really into making computer games, mostly platformers.
But this time i cannot come up with a crazy and funny story.
I would be sooo glad if anyone of you guys who is checking Scott C´s blog out would help me with this story.
I would love a caveman story!

Joe White said...

another awesome bunch o' painting buddy....rocky mouth is the one!

Alexei Martins said...

Oh my!!!This ROCKS!!!!Nice colors also!!


diana said...

"Super Happy Nose Poke" is pretty great actually too.

(Just thought it deserved some respect amongst all the other props being given out.) The caveman looks appropriately unsure about whether *he* should be super happy or not!

tasha said...

love rock mouthing and tea chaps!

James Chiang said...

these are majectic!
Man, you're style has changed so much from back in the Lucas Learning days..

Anonymous said...

That's one super happy nose poke, alright. Great stuff Scott!

edwinushiro said...

Love your characters! I'd like to watch this on tv some day. Nice blog, bruddha.'

H.R. Kim said...

I just love yr style.

it looks like luxurious cartoon~

Shelby Gubba said...

Man! I think your stuff is really great. Seriously, its like this crazy combination of 50's schoolhouse rock flavor + "Where The Wild Things Are" color schemes + huge blob of really great imagination = cool. The colors are great, it reminds me of old 70's couches or something. greens and beige and browns. good stuff.

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