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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday Gift Ideas!!

Alright, everyone! Time to do some last minute(ish) shopping. May i suggest these incredibly sweet little items? there are 4 awesome places that i suggest you go for your SCOTT C shopping needs. There you will find original paintings, prints, shirts, books, video games and more..

These are the places and the last suggested day for you to order things t
o get them in time for that famous holiday morning. (NOTE: these are only within the U.S. International would arrive after.)

**Gallery 1988 (order by Dec. 15th)
**Gallery Nucleus (order by Dec. 18th)
**Poster Cabaret (order by Dec. 17th)
**Double Fine Shop (order by Dec. 15th)

Suggested super hot items!

The NEW 5th series GREAT SHOWDOWNS Print set! (Signed and numbered)
@Gallery 1988

The Body House Shirt!!
@Gallery Nucleus

The Hammock Tank! (Original painting from the Great Great Grandshow)
@Gallery Nucleus

The latest MONSTER PRINTS! (signed and numbered)
@Poster Cabaret

Ok, good luck! i hope everyone gets super happy these holidays!!

love, scott c.


LENA said...

You all are doing such an awesome job! The ideas keep flowing I see. Thank you for sharing with me and everyone – I can't get enough!

mp said...

Cool, nice pieces

Unknown said...

Great work as always - all the bests for the hols to you too, big buddy!

nago said...

congrats! keep up the good work/this is a great presentation.
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