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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

SPX!! +NEW Prints for FALL!

Hey, everyone! Whew! what a summer it has been, eh? Well, guess what comes after summer? FALL. And something that comes with FALL is NEW PRINTS. and also SPX (Small Press Expo) in Bethesda, Maryland.

----So first of all let me tell you of the NEW PRINTS. There are 3 of them and i shall be debuting them at SPX this year. They are also on sale at Poster Cabaret as of today!

they are prints from the AMICVS MONSTRVM show at Gallery Nucleus earlier this year:

"BBQ At Kong's"
"Skeleton Warrior Waterpark"
"Ape Amongst Apes"

---Second of all, SPX is September 11-12th in Bethesda, Maryland. I shall be sharing tables D14-D16 with Nathan Stapley, Tasha Harris, Dustin Harbin, Pendelton Ward, and Natasha Allegri.

Some things i will have at the table:
  • the NEW Body House shirt
  • The 3 NEW Poster Cabaret Prints
  • Zombie Fair prints (SOLD OUT on the Gallery Nucleus site)
  • Dog Amongst Dogs and Abraham Lincoln Robot Prints (SOLD OUT on Poster Cabaret)
  • Double Fine Action Comics book
  • Hickee comics
  • and many other prints and things... not to mention all the stuff those other dudes will have at the tables.

So i think you should go to SPX and come see us. Did i say that Pen Ward is responsible for ADVENTURE TIME? well, he is. So is Natasha. Did i say that Tasha and Nathan are responsible for COSTUME QUEST? well, they totally are.


Unknown said...

LOVE the BBQ at Kong's piccy.

Sarah Joan Mokhtar said...

Hey scott, any chance I could buy all these prints in one go? Is there a link anywhere? Would they be signed?

It's my secret fantasy to collect all the prints of your work and display them around my home.

Well,not so secret anymore.

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