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Friday, February 05, 2010

Zombies In Love! Saturday!

Hey, you guys! this Saturday, Feb. 6 is the zombie show at Gallery Nucleus!

i won't be able to go, but you should totally go! they will have fun activities. You can go visit the ZOMBIE FAIR painting.

But also they will be releasing limited edition prints of the piece the night of the show. so get ready for that. here's what it looks like. to remind you.


Kendra Melton said...

so awesome.

Joe said...

I`m a huge fan of Zombies!, I`m fan of your art!, this is Love X 2 =P


Greg said...

I want a print so bad! I hope they sell them online as well so I can get one. Awesome work!

Morgan said...

I just saw Zombieland last night, so I have a bit of a better appreciation for these pieces :D

Occasionally called Robbie said...

This reminds me of a dream I had - disturbing yet peaceful :)

Meghan Carey said...

oman my mind just blew up.


Christopher Downes said...

I love the fact that the pigs are zombies too!

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