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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Adrift Artwork.


The show went great. Thanks to everyone who came. I will post pictures soon, but in the meantime here are some more of the paintings...

you can view ALL of the paintings and purchase any that you dig at:

I also posted them on flickr:

Gary did a pleasant write up over at Fleen. Check it out.


Unknown said...

I would like to let you know that these are awesome. They inspire me and totally get my imagination going. Thanks for sharing your wonderful art—especially the cloud airplane one.

Oh gosh I would love to lay on top of a fluffy cloud and pick parts off and eat it—it would be exactly like cotton candy, only not sickly sweet, but like those slightly sweetened water bottles you can buy at a Circle-K—and I'd put it in my mouth and it'd melt. Of course, it wouldn't be one of those clouds with faces of yours, it'd be like vegetation. Oh gosh I would love that

Michael Pfeffer said...

Happy cloud rainbow slide is my anti drug.

Anonymous said...

Hey Scott, it was great to talk to you, even briefly. Great show, congrats!

Joshua Wysocki said...

the airplane thru the clouds is a masterpiece in itself!

WJC said...

These are ALL winners!

Unknown said...

hahhahh .. I love the ninja star parchutee .. why aren't you on ... I want to feature you????

Lucas Ferreyra said...


Jennifer said...

Great show! I was in NYC with a few friends for the American Illustration party, and we were on our way home when we saw your show. "HEY THAT'S SCOTT FROM DOUBLE FINE ACTION COMICS. I FOLLOW HIS BLOG" says I. "LET US GO IN" says friends. And we did. Great stuff.

scottc said...

thanks, everyone!

good to see you, tim. thanks for coming by.

Nate bro, what's that illustration mundo thing? email me about it!

sweet that you stumbled upon it, Jennifer. I've got some paintings in a show in toronto soon! i shall announce it.

ShatteredMirrorsArt said...

Saw your work on illustrationmundo.

And I absolutely love your work.My favorite would have to be the ninjas.

mike said...

i love all of these so much.

shane oakley said...

just discovered your blog - a warm woolly mitten caress of sheer joy.
full of wit, whimsy and otherworldly charm - it should be on prescription for the blues!

David said...

These are great! My favorite is probably the first one, with the dude sipping tea. I'm torn about the one with the dragon. On the one hand, I feel bad that his tea is being interrupted. On the other hand, winged castles are awesome.

Mirna said...


Saw some of your work posted here

And some co workers and I were wondering where we could possibly get prints of this piece.

Feel free to contact me at

Thank you!
You do amazing work!

Medical Spa MD said...

Found your work on Nimble Theory. Looks like you've even got fans among the technology crew.

herocious said...

Like your work. My first time seeing it.

Your 8 ways to kill an idea brought me here.

How would you feel about doing a quick "email interview" for my site, TOE? We've featured a number of artists already. You would make a great addition.

we usually run a gallery and then a friday interview.

here's my contact info if your interested:

herocious at hotmail dot com

nancy said...


Your work makes me want to die and be reborn as a 10 year old with a blanket fortress.

(In case you thought otherwise, that was a compliment of the highest order.)

DiaFla said...

Hi I stumbled upon your blog and just wanna say: BRAVO!!!!!

Really funny and clever stuff!!!!!

scottc said...

damn! you all write awesome comments! i like all of you a lot.

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