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Friday, February 27, 2009

Hunt & Gather Interview Time

Hey, everyone!
Tina Ziegler over at Hunt & Gather just posted an interview she did with me! So there is even MORE stuff you need to find out about. More secrets to enjoying the world. SPOILERS: i mention trees and light.

another spoiler... this picture is on there..
spoiler #3... this awesome logo. also on there...
(p.s. i did not draw that logo. That's tina's sweet logo.)


Ben Hatke said...

HEy, you're a scruffy long-hair guy in a red sweatshirt and a grey knit hat! It's like looking in a mirror.

Anonymous said...

The interview page only loads the title and a picture of the cult tree for me. Does anyone else get that problem? I'll try it again later.

Elisa Aguilar said...

omg all of this is so great!

Unknown said...

i get the same thing, no interview, just the cult tree pic and i can't even get into her blog

Anonymous said...


J. Wade said...

You're awesome. Deal with it.

scottc said...

hi, everyone! that is strange that some of you cannot see it. i apologize. here is a link to her site.. maybe jsut try that and see if you can see it..

ok.. i hope it works for you!

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