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Thursday, March 27, 2008

4 new prints!

So for the King of Kong signing, Nucleus put out 4 new prints! Check them out. Two of them are from the world famous Igloo Head and Tree Head story. (spoilers though... if you haven't read that story). (And world famous is me fantasizing, i think)

they are these ones:

also, i didnt mention in my last post, but i want to say thank you to all you awesome people who came out for the signing. it made me feel so happy! i love all of you dudes and ladies.
love, scott


Gabriele Antonini said...

I really love your works. The second is incredible!

Victor Shih said...

Totally awesome being there. I'm so fanboy now.

Alexei Martins said...

WOW!I love your paintings!!!!watercolors RULES!


Yonga said...

Yes yes yes YES!!! Your art is so beatuiful!
Once I live in a place with more space I want to put your art in beatuiful frames and hang the on the wall.
Your art has "good vibes"!
Tomorrow I'll post about your art on my blog.
All the best,

Chris Battle said...

Dude! They totally got tacos when they were in town!

That's an awesome ending.

Anonymous said...

your art makes me incredibly happy!

Algernon said...

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