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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

the Pacmans

Alright, I am 8bit was last night at 1988 Gallery in LA. I couldn't go, but i hear it was awesome. This is what i put in this year...
They are called "the Pacmans". 27 little dudes. I am not sure how they displayed them, but i hope they displayed them like this:
That would have been clever. Maybe they did. I am not sure.
It's still up though. Go see all the awesome stuff there!

p.s. this weekend, you should go to this.


Amber said...

Oh, that is very clever. I wish you could see them a bit more close up though. I can make out most of them though.
Awesome, as always.

Borja Guillot said...

Great stuff!!! I love your style, you have a pretty damn good illustrations in this blog

grickleguy said...

Jeez, Scott that is fun shit to look at man.

Telka! said...

Hey Scott!

I just wanna say thanks for putting all this stuff up for us to see. While I can make it to the 8-bit show... time and distance makes it unable for me to check out your other shindigs. Everything looks great though! *sniffsniff* You make me proud! :)

Keep being awesome!
- Telka!

Bill Robinson said...

Hi Scott! We met this weekend at the APE - I bought one of your prints of the unsuspecting travelers being eaten by the giants. I also saw your stuff at Gallery 1988 (in SF) and it was great. Keep up the good work!

Dan said...

you got some crazy solid work here man, great jobE

Alexei Martins said...

AMAZING work!!!!It's so cool
Your work RULES!!!

mrmerks said...

aw man this is great! You should do your own pacman cartoon series

Stuart Livingston said...

haha I went to I Am 8-Bit the other day and it is up like that. Pacman's facing the other way though. The one where the Ghosts are wearing a Pac-Man costume is the dot.

Nicholas Gazin said...

This is friggering adorable!

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