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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Art Show this THURSDAY NOV. 2!!

dudes! and girls! i am having an art show this thursday! in sf! you should go, all of you! i'll have many of these watercolors in the show.

here is the info:
MEDICINE presents:

"for Battles and Relaxing"

new work by Scott Campbell depicting knights, serpents, tanks, and pyramids. enjoying themselves.

Thursday November 2

@ MEDICINE new shojin-eatstation
161 sutter st. (@ kearny)
2 blocks from union square/1 block from montgomery BART and maybe even 1 block from 49 Geary.

Complimentary organic sushi and a bar w/specials on organic wine, beer and sake


oneorangegiraffe said...
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oneorangegiraffe said...

Wow, I'm a big fan of your work, its very inspiring. Can't wait to see the watercolor's in person.Congratualtions on the show!

verabee said...

Awesome! I will entirely fail to be there but wish I could. I want a painting.

scottc said...

dude. sanjay. it was awesome to meet you, my friend. i love your stuff i just realized. man. i am glad that the ogres will be living with you.

vera and clio. i already love your stuff. that hasnt changed. and hanging up in portland was the best ever. i am going to go back there soon and check out more yellow and red leaves! like the ones mummy is raking up.

Anonymous said...

Scott I have too ask you about how you are making your comic and your watercolor prints. For example if you are making them in the computer or with pencils.

Keep up the awesome work!

scottc said...

dear anonymous.
i love your name. it is mysterious.

my watercolors are just watercolor's on rough soft paper. with little brushes. i'll draw it out first on another piece of paper in ink and trace it onto the watercolor paper very faintly. then i'll paint it.

for the comics, i usually draw them on paper with blue pencil and then use that bitchin japanese brush pen that everyone uses. then i'll scan it in and touch it up in photoshop. and cut and paste because i am lazy.

and that's that, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Woooow!... That´s amazing!

Robert said...

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